Operator Training

Our trainings provide a way to maintain predicted savings while empowering your O&M staff to become your energy management partners.

What are the immediate benefits of our training?

  • reduction of building energy costs by an estimated 5-20%

  • extended lifespan of building equipment

  • fewer calls to outside service providers

  • a more comfortable building for occupants.

Building operator training is built to focus on the many actions that need to be taken to integrate energy efficiency and conservation, and make them routine. Even in the most efficient buildings there are typically operational and occupancy changes that challenge all of your mechanical, electrical and control systems, impeding efforts to achieve your energy reduction goals. We start with group problem-solving exercises and interactive brainstorming sessions to learn as a cohesive group and cover the diversity of individuals and their level of knowledge. These tactics can then be integrated into commissioning (Cx, including Retro-Cx and Re-Cx), as well as retrofit projects including those implemented under current or planned energy performance contracts.

With modules for K-12 building operators as well as those operating multifamily buildings, office buildings, or healthcare facilities, our programming is scalable and tailored to meet your needs. To ensure our programming is relevant, we conduct a walk-through audit of your facilities  as part of the design process. As a result, we gain an understanding of the systems present and are able to develop a list of specific actions that can be taken within the facility.

In the end, operations staff extend  their operational knowledge of building systems, controls and mechanicals, all leading to successful long-term savings.