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How you view energy use in our schoolS is about to change.

KiloWatch involves students, faculty, administration, and staff in an energy management approach that integrates inquiry-based science, math and language arts and provides students with a real-world learning experience tied to state and national learning standards. Students use professional auditing equipment to learn about technologies and practices that save energy through conducting experiments and energy audits of their buildings.

KiloWatch is a turnkey program providing all the materials, resources, and training necessary to implement a student-led energy management program.  Beyond increasing students' STEM-based skills and knowledge, KiloWatch results in decreased energy costs for your district.  In fact, past KiloWatch implementations show that programming pays for itself (and then some) in energy savings.  This case study shows what one school district accomplished with KiloWatch. 

Saving energy in a school is an opportunity: an opportunity to reduce energy use, reduce a school’s environmental impact and reduce energy costs (which means more money your school can spend on other things!). It takes a committed team to make a difference. Once you make the decision to reduce energy consumption, you can use KiloWatch to accomplish these goals.


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KiloWatch and the Classroom Energy Challenge

Students work with their parents to reduce home energy with the Classroom Energy Challenge curriculum we developed with our partners at the Central NY Regional Planning and Development Board.  The Classroom Energy Challenge is a program that encourages students to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, reduce their energy emissions, and save money.  A series of seven exercises, called challenges, have been developed to give students background on energy use along with practical actions that can be taken at home.  These challenges are aligned to the New Generation Science Standards for Middle School Science as well as the Common Core Curriculum in ELA for technical subjects and Math.  As students go through these challenges, they will have the opportunity to gather and analyze data on energy use in their home.

Development of KiloWatch and the Classroom Energy Challenge was supported by the generous support of the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute