We’ve been delivering solid results to our clients since 2002 and been entrusted with hundreds of
millions of dollars in performance guarantees.  Our unique bundle of services expands your capacity while increasing project value and engaging your clients as partners in energy management. Our staff is experienced in every aspect of the Energy Performance Contracting process, so we know what your needs are and can integrate seamlessly into your projects. From feasibility studies through monitoring and verification, our services allow your people to focus on their core competencies. As a result of our work together, your staff stays focused on project development and design work instead of data gathering in the field and you add value and customer service components to your project.

Occupant Engagement

Customers love it when you take care of their people. From informational presentations to comprehensive behavioral energy management programming our field-tested approaches can yield 3-20% savings while turning building occupants into energy-savers. In our 15-year history, we’ve reached tens of thousands of people through our efforts in settings as diverse as schools, health facilities, public housing developments, and universities. CLICK HERE to find out more about how we can impact your buildings.

Operator Training

Our trainings ensure that predicted savings are maintained while turning O&M staff into your energy management partners. Benefits of training include reduction of building energy costs by an estimated 5-20%, extended lifespan of building equipment, fewer calls to outside service providers, and a more comfortable building for occupants. CLICK HERE for more information.

Technical Services

Hundreds of millions of dollars of performance guarantees are trusted to our technical services. During the monitoring and verification phase of an energy performance contract, we visit treated facilities to ensure that energy and water saving equipment is in place and operating as expected. And right at the front end of your project, we work with you to deliver preliminary utility analysis and site walk-throughs to determine project potential.

From feasibility studies to M&V inspections we take the small stuff off your plate so your people can focus on their core mission. Feasibility studies help you determine the viability of potential projects and include building walk-throughs, utility analysis, benchmarking and report production.

And once the project is built, we provide the on-site M&V backup you need. Our periodic inspections of installed equipment provide timely and crucial information related to long-term performance of installed measures. Because of our proven track record ESCO’s rely on our services to help secure hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of performance guarantees.