ETS Launches San Francisco Housing Authority Program

An innovative partnership between ETS, Ameresco, and  San Francisco Environment (SFE) is bringing energy education to residents of the SFHA.  Building on past cooperation, former members of the SFE Environment Now program will be working with ETS to deliver resident energy education along with equipment inspections.  Working as part of Ameresco’s $30 million energy performance contract with SFHA, these services will provide residents with information on how to use energy and water more efficiently in their apartments.  A series of education sessions will kick off this month.

SF Environment works to grow the green economy, while ensuring that San Francisco residents have the skills to access jobs in that economy. Environment Now is a green job training program that helps prepare workers for jobs in the green industry.  The team is comprised of San Franciscans from diverse backgrounds with a broad range of experiences and skills, all sharing a passion for protecting the environment.

After working for two years in this program, we are pleased to welcome DeWayne Scurry and Liu Cai to the ETS team.  In addition to providing education for residents, they will be inspecting equipment installed as part of the Ameresco project to  ensure that it is effectively saving energy and water.